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Investing in Debt :

Compelling Opportunities in the Collection Management Industry

An industry vital to the economy

Since the 1990s, as banks and credit card companies have found new ways to clear up lost assets and separate themselves from non-performing portfolios, debt collection and debt purchasing has grown in popularity. Many financial institutions are increasing profitability by assigning their more challenging accounts to collection agencies. When inventory is returned as “uncollectible,” it is packaged, and the portfolio is sold.

As more institutions recognize the savings associated with offloading payment arrangements and collections—and the employees required to do so they are selling their accounts immediately after charge-off. This benefits companies such as ours, Atlanta-based Kemper & Associates, LLC (KA).

After all, debt collectors and purchasers play a vital role in the economy. It is not a matter of “collections versus consumers.” Rather, debt management agencies contribute meaningfully to the return and maintenance of a healthy economic environment. And as consumer debt continues to rise, the urgent need for efficient and effective debt collections becomes increasingly compelling.

Why Invest now ...

The debt collections industry is one of a handful experiencing significant growth at a time when many are weathering a loss. Because the industry is new, wise investors will place their confidence in a firm with the knowledge, technical expertise, trained collectors and a financial track record necessary to succeed. Kemper & Associates is that firm.